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Our Story

Alera Skin Care is a Vancouver, Canada-based pharma skin care company offering results-oriented products that are sold throughout North America and Internationally through a global distributor network. At Alera, we are focused on creating value for consumers and professionals by offering quality skin care products which are innovative, effective and clinically proven to work.

With a specialized focus on the tattoo and spa industries we are continuously searching for progressive, credible ingredients to create effectual products that transcend beyond just academic science and lab formulations – products that are proven effective by the people that use them. Our multi-generational team of pharmacological experts are passionate and agile with a proven track record; taking Alera to a leading position in select niches of the international pharmaceutical skin care market. We are the new standard for pharma skin care.

Every day our team pursues their own passions. In creativity, sales, giving back… everything. The result is a team dedicated to your better living.



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