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The Struggle
Little did Moiz Lalani (BSc. Pharm) know, that in 1972 at the age of 25, his entire family’s lives would change. It was August of that year when Idi Amin, then President of Uganda, declared an economic war in East Africa. This war included a set of policies that included the expropriation of businesses and properties owned by Asians and Europeans. Among those affected was Moiz, who watched his family’s hard work over the years disappear overnight leaving them with nothing.

The Move
Forced out of Africa, Moiz and his brothers took what little they had and decided to start their lives over in North America. Moiz wanted to pursue his dreams of personal success while helping others, and he believed North America which embraced multiculturalism, would give him the best chance of achieving that dream. While starting over with nothing in a new country can truly be a daunting task to face, it proved to be the best decision that Moiz and his brothers made.

Starting Over
Having settled in Canada, Moiz took any new opportunity that would help him to embrace his new community and start a family. He began by obtaining his Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Having always wanted to continue his family’s legacy in business, Moiz used his last savings to open his first Pharmacy at 28th and Dunbar in Vancouver. And so began Moiz’s career as a pharmacist professional for the next 30+ years.

Retirement is Boring
Often referred to as the “nicest pharmacist on Dunbar”, Moiz had one of the largest attended retirement parties we’ve ever seen! But retirement wasn’t for Moiz. He wanted to make a difference on a global scale and use the tools that his new community had given him to affect the lives of millions. It was the last part of his vision that had started way back in the 70s. Using his 30+ years of pharmaceutical and client experience, he began to put together formulations that he believed would make a difference… formulations that focus on quality of life for the client using only the best ingredients.

Alera Skin Care
Hussein + Aly Lalani, Moiz’s sons, wanted Moiz to realize his dream that had acted as a fuel to the fire of his survival in the 70s. They started Alera Skin Care Products Inc, a pharmaceutical company that produces skin care products with a focus on a combination of natural and medicinal ingredients. The formulations are tried, tested (not on animals!) and true.

Creating for the Future… but not forgetting the past…
Alera’s daily operations continue based on Moiz’s practices that had served him so well over the years. Innovative products, creative packaging, quality ingredients and client care are the pillars of the business. Alera’s headquarters is a government certified establishment (we have our own Drug Establishment License) which means it is deemed to safely handle medicinal products. All orders are sent from our headquarters under our own watch. All calls are also handled directly by Alera, to ensure any questions by our clients are responded to by us. All products created by Alera are government certified as safe and effective (they have their own Drug Identification Numbers issued by the government to prove it).

Community Improvement
East Africa will always have a special place in our hearts. So it only follows that Alera tries to give back not only in the Vancouver community that had given Moiz so much, but also to his home in Africa. Over the years we have given back to various institutions in both communities, including to the University of British Columbia (if you ever find yourself there, there’s a room with Moiz’s name on it at the new pharmacy building). We are now collaborating with UBC to create a revolutionary product that would help deal with one of the largest issues prevalent in the poorest African communities. That one is still a secret though… Stay tuned.

The foundations of good business have never changed. To this day, all of my client care solutions come from the lessons I have learned working the cash register at the pharmacy when I was 10 years old.


Product Responsibility

About Us 2

Our Responsibility

At Alera Skin Care, we respect our environment, and believe in protecting people, animals and our planet. The core of our philosophy is based on the highest levels of ethical standards with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Alera works with leading industry professionals within an elaborate product development process, which includes in-depth research, testing and reviews to provide our customers with exceptional products that deliver results. Our products are made of the highest quality, natural ingredients, and are formulated without sulphates, parabens or phthalates. They do not contain dyes or synthetic fragrances.

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